Project idea

Here, we present the idea of an ICT platform that supports high-throughput research in modern biology. The platform that consists of new research tools that will enhance significantly management and analysis of data generated during biological experiments. The focus is to combine independent, complementary modules from different research fields into a one dynamic, interoperable, practical application to be used by different research actors.

Modules perform specific but independent tasks that range from bioinformatics, data mining, structural genomics, image analysis, visualization, phenotyping and genotyping. By communicating with each other, the complementary applications will allow to track a complete screening process. Such approach provides a front-end solution to institutions, research companies and universities that perform high-throughput research.

See the list of available modules.

In the post-genomic era, large-scale screens have become more and more common. This has led to the emergence of a new field of research coined “systems biology”, which relies on the analysis of biological processes and pathways with large-scale experiments. Such experiments therefore produce large data sets that require unbiased and automated analysis. Our system will be designed to manage and analyze these data sets. Therefore, it will provide a framework to elucidate the function of genes and their interactions in complex networks.